Transforming society
for a better tomorrow
Peace in our Land
Peace in our Lifetime
There is only one God
and only One Race, the Human Race

About us

“There is Only One God and Only One Race, the Human Race”.

The African Transformation Movement (ATM) is a South African political party formed to transform South Africans to a better society that upholds and lives by the following values of (a) Peace, (b) Ubuntu, and (c) Good Governance. This party was established in 2018 by the South African Council of Messianic Churches in Christ (SACMCC) and was formally registered by the Independent Electoral Commission. This Council is a faith based nongovernmental and non-tribal body, which represents the embassy of Messianic Churches as defined by Jesus Christ, in transforming and liberating the life of man on earth.

SACMCC is a congregation of African Independent Churches (AIC) of which majority of its members are not represented in the governance of the country; but are mostly negatively affected by lack of service delivery, and for that reason are still lingering in abject poverty. The non-representation of this section of society in governance of the country manifests itself more on socio-economic matters, which include religious affairs in the country. This and other matters of governance, like lack of social cohesion and tolerance, provoked the need to form a political party that will serve the most marginalised people of South Africa and the greater good of South Africa. It is for this reason that our prime focus is to transform society for a better tomorrow.

ATM’s mission is to unite South Africans, who have different beliefs, religions, life-styles and ideologies; to build a progressive democratic state which addresses the needs of all those who live in it.

Our vision is to transform South Africa into a peaceful, ethically-governed and economically viable state that upholds values entrenched in the supreme law of our country, the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (Act 108 of 1996); supported by Ubuntu and Divinity, while embracing our hard earned human rights, respecting one another and embracing diversity through nonracialism, for the benefit of all citizens.

PEACE: Create a society that is at peace with itself through active social dialogue and decisive leadership;

UBUNTU: “Umntu ngumntu ngabantu” (People is people because of other people) – to live and breathe the values of Ubuntu on a daily basis as a people of the land;

TRANSFORMATION: African Transformation through embracing and promoting the African way of living, and African way of resolving problems;

SERVANT LEADERSHIP: Be a servant of the people first and foremost to ascertain sound leadership and governance;

ACCOUNTABILITY: Build a state governed with ethics and integrity to guarantee good governance and curb criminal activities in the public office.

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