Mzwanele Manyi joins ATM

Mzwanele Manyi who is the former government communication and information systems (GCIS) boss and the owner of Afro worldview media has joined the African Transformation movement (ATM). He has decided to leave the African National Congress because they have failed to transform the country. The new member of African Transformation Movement (ATM) head already announced that he would be leaving the ruling party which is the African National Congress (ANC). He said the African National Congress (ANC) has reached a point of saturation, its hegemony and its moral compass. Manyi has chosen to follow a new political path by leaving the ruling party because it is no longer the right party to lead black people to liberation. He believes that the African Transformation Movement (ATM) is ready to govern South Africa and it will unseat the ruling party in the 2019 elections. The leaders of the African Transformation Movement (ATM) are confident about governing the country come the 2019 elections and the party started campaigning ahead of the polls. The party will contest the general elections and it aims for a two- thirds majority. Menyi invited media to a press conference to announce his new political home and during the press conference he said the African National Congress (ANC) is sabotaging itself and mentioned this as one of the reasons for his departure. The African National Congress (ANC) sabotaged its self when it took the decision to implement land expropriation without compensation. He further said the party was not able to tackle issues of transformation. Manyi is joining the African Transformation Movement (ATM) as an individual and not because he is a member of the Bantu church of Christ. He was also not the only high profile member of the ANC party to leave in the past few months. This man believes that ATM is bigger than the ANC in the number of membership and it does not belong in the category of small parties because it is a big organization that is silently growing by the minute. ATM is gunning for the throne to be the government of the country and there is a lack of media coverage of the parties’ movement since it was established. The media can inspect the financial flows of the African Transformation Movement (ATM) only if other political parties are probed as well. The party is able to maintain its independence because it has no external funding’s.

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