ATM welcomes Themba Wele

The African Transformation Movement welcomes former Eastern Cape Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) leader Themba Wele into its ranks. Upon joining ATM Servant Wele has stated that the African National Congress (ANC) and EFF are “not in it for the total emancipation of black people”.

At his official unveiling as a servant of the African Transformation Movement Servant Wele said, “What is needed is a people-centred movement and I can safely say that the ATM is the only organisation among the current lot that talks about people on the ground and is led by such people, and as a young person I have a contribution to make in this regard. “

“As for the EFF, you know what happened to them regarding the constituency money that was redirected away from the people and misused and I objected to such from the onset which led to the fallout. But I have no regrets because I sacrificed to be with the people.

“The ANC case is worse, they have long abandoned the poor which are mainly black people which they only visit for votes towards elections like they are doing now.” 

Servant Wele said he was confident that in the ATM he had found a principled political home that is in line with his own political beliefs.

“The contest in upcoming elections will be between the ANC and ATM if you read politics well, particularly in the Eastern Cape whose voters are woke. They will not be fooled by the ANC corruption this time around which does not benefit them,” said Wele.

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