From the President to the people of South Africa

The year 2019 is very crucial in the history of South African politics.  It is crucial because it marks 25 years since the first democratic elections, which ended centuries of colonial rule and apartheid.  It is also a crucial year because the dawn of this political freedom came with many promises to our people, but 25 years later the conditions of most of our people have not significantly changed and in some cases their conditions are getting worse.  What is unacceptable is that these 25 years of freedom ushered in lawlessness, corruption and lack of peace and security in this country of our forefathers.  This is where the African Transformation Movement (ATM) becomes relevant.   The ATM is now the only beacon of hope for the people of South Africa.  It is the alternative political home for all South Africans irrespective of their colour, creed, race, ethnicity, culture, economic status or religion.

This Manifesto of the ATM is based on the following ten (10) Cardinal Pillars of hope that will Put South Africans First by bringing change for a better tomorrow:

  1. Peace, Justice, Safety and Security, Now;
  2. Sustainable Economic Growth that Creates Jobs;
  3. Land, Rural Development and Food Security;
  4. Sustainable Human Settlements and Basic Services;
  5. Education and Skills Development;
  6. Health and Social Services;
  7. Traditional and Religious Affairs
  8. Youth and Early Childhood Development;
  9. Empowerment of Women and People with Disabilities; and
  10. Building a Corrupt-free and a Capable Developmental State.

Unlike those of others, the ATM Election Manifesto does not present empty promises; it offers concrete commitments that will be implemented.  As a political Peace Party, we believe that it is only through transformation of the society that we will end the suffering of our people.

As we launch this document, we pledge to create a modern, functional, responsive, inclusive, innovative, corrupt-free and a capable state in respect of which opportunities for citizens abound.  We will transform our rural areas for people to have access to world-class infrastructure, safe drinking water, best schools and health care facilities.

South Africa, with humility and confidence, we therefore present to you this Manifesto of the ATM for the 2019 National and Provincial Elections, which is also our Programme of Action for the next five years. By voting ATM, you will be part of this South African history in making; Vote ATM for a Better Tomorrow!

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