Easter is a time for renewal

Easter is a blessed event and the highlight of the year for believers as it speaks to supreme and eternal victory of good over evil.

Easter is a time for renewal. Easter is a new beginning. From the freedom from Egypt by the exodus, to the freedom from death at the cross, I am reminded of the command of the writer of Revelation, in chapter 13, dressed in grand imagery, that we not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good, as had been said also by the writer of Proverbs (chapter 25) and by Paul (Romans 12).

As we renew our spiritual vows this Easter, let us not forget also our responsibility to serve our fellow humans with integrity and honesty and energy for better lives for all. Spiritual growth is measured in service to others. Bear this responsibility with courage and conviction. Be guided by this responsibility on Election Day, on May 8, when you have the opportunity, and the duty, to elect a government that will serve all the people of this great land and lead them also to prosperity and equality.

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