Address by the President of the African Transformation Movement

As ATM we hold a strong view that our political role is to address and to transform the material conditions of South Africans not only to better their lives but also to honour those who died for us to attain our political freedom, however fragile. Political, economic, social and cultural conditions need to be improved. We have seen a colonial creation of a State where the state pays more allegiance to colonial institutions at the expense of the citizens of this country.

There can never be transformation without drafting a Constitution that depicts the will of the people 25 years after the transitional period of the defeating over 300 years of minority rule, hence the Constitution drafted was founded on negotiation and compromise. The structure and functioning of our country is based on the CODESA negotiations and agreement which took place in the early 90s, hence our Constitution is an unsustainable compromise.

We have a Constitution that doesn’t arise from the spirituality, culture and morality of Africans. We need a people centred and people driven Constitution that seeks to defend and advance the interests of all the people of South Africa.

The people do not serve the Constitution, the Constitution serves the people. ATM will drive a process to REVIEW the Constitution whilst respecting the existing one in the interim.

  • Why Introduce a Justice Based Capital Punishment System?

We are living in a highly murderous country where 57 people are murdered daily. Perpetrators do not value human life hence people are killed for even a cell phone.

People resort to mob justice as a means of retribution because they feel wrong doers are not getting deserving punishment.

“Some crimes are so outrageous that society insists on adequate punishment because the wrongdoer deserves it irrespective of whether it is a deterrent or not.”

  • How will ATM conduct this retribution?

Capital punishment will be considered for heinous crimes (rape & murder), that are committed repeatedly. It will also be considered for hate crimes (killing people because of their sexuality, gender, albinism etc.) and extenuating circumstances e.g. what we witnessed where a family of 7 including young children were killed and buried in the house.

ATM Government will introduce law where after a high court has handed down a judgment on capital punishment, an automatic appeal would kick-in to be heard by a full bench of the Supreme Court of Appeal.

The accused will be represented by a Senior Counsel at the expense of the State.

  • Labour Convict System

Why: In the olden days, if a person killed a breadwinner he was sentenced by the traditional council/court to provide for the family of the breadwinner. This type of sentencing was also applied for many criminal cases as it was an African way of solving problems. This system ensured a wrongdoer pays society for his wrong doing. This system was restorative as the wrong doer was allowed an opportunity to pay for this wrong doings by doing something for the benefit of the society he/she has wronged.

  • What will be the work:

Perpetrators will work for the state for free and ease the burden on the state on issues like cleaning of roads/towns, farming etc.  Immediate focus is farming to ensure there is food security and proceeds from farming used to supplement grants, and food produce is delivered to the most poor.


  • Decolonised Economy

It’s time for Africa in general and South Africa in particular to be self-reliant, own and direct its own economy. South Africa must take control of its primary resources and build a strong industrial sector to beneficiate all its commodities. This will create jobs and more entrepreneurs.

South Africa must urgently secure its base so that we can deal with the world from a position of strength, equality and respect.

Countries like Korea and Japan do not have raw materials but have cars made from material from our continent. Japan prices its cars; they don’t depend on what Africa is willing to pay.

Why can’t we do the same with our mineral?

  • State Bank

It is common knowledge the banks are exploiting customers and have been found guilty of price fixing. We need a State Bank as a development mechanism for the country and to provide banking solutions to the majority of poor people without being profit driven.

We need a State bank with an unapologetic developmental agenda.

All companies (local and foreign owned) need to pay taxes and we need to ask a question how come is personal tax is up to 45% and company tax is only 28%.

  • Township, Rural and Inner City Economies

. . . must be for the exclusive use of South Africans, to ensure mass participation of locals in the economy and we become an enterprising nation.

The core of the economy must be controlled by South Africans.

We have an artificial economy where foreign companies are in control of the economy and the locals do not benefit, no foreign company has an interest in the development of our country.

  • Emancipation of our Youth/Free Compulsory Quality Education

The education of our youth must be decolonised to break the colonial construct that posits a view that Africans are not worthy by themselves without other nations from Europe and elsewhere.

There must be investment in developing African languages to enable them to deal with technical content of the curriculum.

Tertiary curriculum must be transformed to recognise the Indigenous Knowledge Systems.

The livelihoods of youth can no longer depend on them being job seekers but an environment to boost entrepreneurship must be created.

Government must create incubation relationships with the private sector and establish sustainable market to consume products from the young entrepreneurs.

  • Land Restitution

The debate on land must not be limited to Agricultural Land only. Land must be understood to include Agricultural land; Residential Land; Industrial Land; Commercial Land and Marine Economy.

ATM supports Expropriation of land Without Compensation for public good purposes, e.g. restitution and redistribution purposes and building of infrastructure like roads, rail etc.

Farm workers must be co-owners of the farms where they work and live.

Mine workers must be co-owners of the mines where they work and risk their lives daily.

Residents must have title deeds for their properties primarily to enable passing it over to future generation; The ATM government will devise mechanisms to protect the residents from desperately trading off this treasure for quick cash and thus undermine the redistribution exercise.

Traditional Leaders in rural areas must maintain custody of the land on behalf of the people, but the land under the traditional must not be tradable in the market place to preserve the gains of restitution and redistribution. Our Traditional Leaders must at all material times be the voice of the people and represent the aspirations of the people they lead. Our Traditional Leaders must always be men and women whose ethics and integrity are beyond reproach.

Marine economy must ALWAYS belong to the state. No individual must own any part of an ocean or the marine life in it. Only the state must do so on behalf of all the people of South Africa. We need to see oil and gas as the new gold. Must invest in petroleum geology for youth at a university level so we do not depend on foreign companies for exploration.

South Africa, we sat silently watching the deteriorating state of our government from being the beacon of hope for Africa to being the shame of the world.

Join hands with me, AND VOTE FOR THE AFRICAN TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT on the 8th of May 2019!

Peace in our land, peace in our lifetime


We approach these elections with a clear conscience, we are not in anyone’s pocket. As a self-funding movement, we are loyal to the people not to any funders. Thank you Servants for your sacrifice and dedication to the cause.

We signed a Code of Conduct with the IEC and in the spirit of the conduct of conduct let us work together with all parties to build our country. We said we will approach these elections in the Spirit of PEACE, UBUNTU AND PUTTING SOUTH AFRICA 1st.

When we see a volunteer from any party:

If they need water: give them water

If they need food: give them food.

If they need transport: give them transport.

If they need pamphlets: give them ATM Pamphlets

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