Freedom day address by Vuyolwethu Zungula

It is too easy to simply speak on Freedom Day by referring to all the expected platitudes. I have reflected on Freedom Day, as I attended my duties as the leader of the ATM, and as I observed the people who have attended the rallies; as I observed the televised images of South Africans living and working and playing overseas, enjoying the fruits of the hard-won freedom we celebrate anew every year.

South Africans are free, but not all South Africans are equally free to enjoy the fruits of freedom equally. Many, too many, far too many communities suffer still from Apartheid social engineering, and from the flotsam of Apartheid policies still harming, still injuring, still dividing, however abolished by parliament.

All South Africans must be able to enjoy freedom equally by equal opportunity.

Communities still suffer from drugs and gangs and alcohol and addiction and substance abuse and murder and poverty and random street killings and shacks and shanty towns and littered streets and unkempt commons, and unemployment and people dying from preventable diseases at poorly managed and indifferent hospitals and clinics, and schools lacking books and pens and paper and where teachers simply stay-away at random, and where the next generation remain uneducated, unemployed, and drug dependent.

This disgrace must end.

As we celebrate 25 years of freedom, the ATM is committed to form a government which put South Africa first, in real and tangible ways: Through peace; by Ubuntu; through transformation; by servant leadership; and  by accountable governance.

May the freedom of all South Africans be celebrated next year, on the next Freedom Day, in an ever growing equal society where all South Africans may eventually, and very soon, enjoy freedom equally.

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