The African Transformation Movement in the Western Cape

The African Transformation Movement had organised in the Western Cape at a late stage because the dynamic of the Western Cape remains rather singular.

When the organisation had been set, upon general agreement across diverse groups, divisions, as happens in most all organisations, also set in. But “thereby,” as Shakespeare says in no fewer than three separate plays, “hangs a tale”…

The ATM will not be diverted from its commitment to create an environment for the increasing improvement of sustainable better lives for all the people of the Western Cape, especially the marginalised, and the most vulnerable.

The group in most immediate need of attention and delivery, is a group crossing race barriers; a group ignored by previous ANC and DA Governments; a group only featuring on the DA and ANC horisons when votes are needed to continue the very power structures responsible for marginalising the vulnerable. It is a vicious maelstrom. It is a condemnable assault against defenceless people.

Because the ATM manifesto specifically referred to the plight of the Khoi and the San, the very first citizens of the Cape who had to overcome genocide by colonial powers, a concerned group brought coloured leaders and black leaders together to unite the ATM effort for that deserved better life for the longsuffering forgotten.

It appeared to have been a reachable goal, until the self-same influencers who initiated the coming together, realised that the ATM support collective had currency, and could very well buy favour, for personal gain, from one or another of the established powers. Perhaps it had not been a realisation, perchance it had been a well strung strategy, but the corruptive power demon manifestly raised its ugly head.

Lo and behold, money was introduced into the equation . . . This report will soon follow.

And so wobbled a strong and solid objective. But, the ATM is back on track. And although weakened, the wave for change is strengthening again, and the ATM will not discard the commitment to fix what the ANC and DA cannot and will not fix.

The Western Cape is politically unique for never having had a black majority, and most coloureds by their vote clearly align with the whites; and never had its territory cut up by Apartheid homelands, to mention but two important characteristics. The province, and indeed its only metro, scored best in most all governance evaluations since 1994, irrespective of the ruling party.

Yet, it has been 25 years, and two ANC and two DA governments later, and still the abandoned people of the Western Cape’s forgotten Apartheid zones suffer from drugs and gangs and alcohol and addiction and substance abuse and murder (and murders and murders and more murders and most murders) and poverty and random street killings and shacks and shanty towns and littered streets and unkempt commons, and unemployment and people dying from preventable diseases at poorly managed and indifferent hospitals and clinics, and schools lacking books and pens and paper and where teachers simply stay-away at random, and where the next generation remain uneducated, unemployed, and drug dependent.

It is a disgrace.

All that the DA and the ANC do about the terrible social problems defeating ordinary people every single day, are pointing fingers at each other and blaming each other for the inability to make changes and to better the lives of the people most needing good governance, caring governments and basic, elementary help and assistance to break free from a desperate life of misery.

Change is needed. Change is demanded. Change is crucial!

Clearly the ANC had failed. Clearly the DA is failing.

Change is needed in the Western Cape. Change is demanded in the Western Cape. Change is crucial!

The ATM will be this change. As soon as may 8, given the opportunity by a mandate from the voters. Clearly, by their records, neither the ANC, nor the DA deserves the vote of the marginalised people of Cape Town and the Western Cape.

Those who work against the ATM, work against the people the ATM wishes to serve. These dark forces will not succeed.

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