IEC Objections

The ATM has been prominent in a group of 27 political parties objecting to no less than 23 separate irregularities potentially compromising the IEC’s execution of its mandate to manage and deliver a free and fair election. The ATM is party to a formal letter addressed to the IEC demanding an independent audit of the elections results.

Democracy depends wholly on free and fair elections and the ATM will honour its duty as a political party to observe, evaluate, and constructively critique the IEC management, in loyal support of the IEC’s best efforts to continuously improve the vehicle of South Africa’s hard won democracy.

A presentation by the Statistician General, today, adequately satisfied the ATM that the need for an independent audit has been tolerably addressed. The ATM is satisfied that the IEC has acted in good faith, and professionally, in answer to its institutional demands met continuously since its inception. The current statistical probe indicates a variance of around 1.3%, which, although not material, is also not acceptable. Therefore the ATM will abide by the outcome, and pledge continued support of the IEC in order to improve operational systems for the 2021 elections and all future elections. The ATM is committed to build a better South Africa, and a better, sustainably improving IEC is a critical building block.

The ATM respects the will of the people of South Africa who spoke loudly and clearly on May 8, and the ATM continues to put the interests of the people of South Africa above all else. It is not fair to hold the country to ransom and the ATM supports the IEC to proceed with its declaration of the final elections results today.

The ATM takes full responsibility for the dissonance between its returns and expectations.

Notwithstanding that our campaign started rather late in the public domain, we will go back and improve our strategies, value proposition, and messaging.

The ATM is ready to accept the declaration of the result and in anticipation of this formality we congratulate the ANC on its victory.

We also wish to thank the IEC for delivering a credible election outcome under very trying circumstances.

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