Stand proud servants!

The national leadership is very, very proud of all servant leaders and servant workers and supporters of the ATM!  We wish to thank you for your commitment, and for your hard work, and for your selfless service to uplift the people of our land.

Your work and your support were not in vain. It is because of your hard work that the ATM can stand proud today.

You did the ATM proud!

Your continued commitment will take the ATM to victory in metro’s and municipalities in 2021, and to victory in provinces and government in 2024.

You are holding up the arms of the national leadership, as Aaron and Hur held up the arms of Moses when Joshua defeated the Amalekites. You can read this story in Exodus 17.

The inspired support of Chief Apostle Caesar Nongqunga is emphasised. He remained ever ready to advise and to calm and to direct, and his presence throughout the campaign bound together the individuals and the groups working to improve the lives of South Africans.

Democracy depends wholly on free and fair elections and the ATM will honour its duty as a political party to observe and evaluate and critique the IEC management, and to support the IEC’s best efforts to continuously improve the vehicle of South Africa’s hard won democracy.

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