Direction approaching 2021

We welcome all the members of the media who have graced this press conference. It is this kind of constructive partnership that will take South Africa forward.

Post the elections 2019, ATM is continuing the work we started in June 2018 when we first registered the African Transformation Movement (ATM) with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of South Africa.

The journey we walked from then till now has been a rather challenging one, where we saw our movement grow sturdily and sustainably, this was confirmation enough that we are stepping towards the right direction.

We sailed from nowhere with limited resources and no long history nor established brand and delivered a campaign that saw us gaining two (2) seats in the General Assembly and a further two (2) seats in the Provincial Legislatures, one in Eastern Cape and another in KwaZuluNatal Legislature, respectively.

For all this, we owe thanks to all our stakeholders that made it possible; the leadership of ATM, media, supporting organisations, allies, unions and most of all, the members of ATM who committed wholeheartedly to the cause of transforming South Africa for the better.

The African Transformation Movement would like to take this opportunity to thank all Servants of the people for the hard work and dedication to the cause during our campaigns leading up to the 2019 General and Provincial Elections on May the 8th.

Very importantly and paramount, we wish to thank the people of South Africa for responding positively to our call and messages. We thank the people of South Africa for trusting us and borrowing us their votes, and we dare not fail them.

Throughout the election campaign, it was inspiring to see our core values come alive. The Peace, Ubuntu and Servant leadership values that describe who we are as a movement were evident across all corners of South Africa, and you Servants were unanimously instrumental in it all.

As a movement that does not have any funding or handler and having dealt with all the hurdles and attacks that wanted to bury us before we were even born, it is only by the GRACE of God that we are still here.

Now we stand proud as one of the biggest winners in the 2019 National and Provincial Elections new entrant’s category. To be in the top 8 of the 48 competing parties is something to be celebrated. This outcome surpasses what is usually a reality for parties of our same size, and we need to be grateful for this milestone.

Our tone has never changed since inception; we are a party formed by the people, for the people. We will continue to carry this message for as long we exist. The ATM will continue to serve and represent the interests of the people, whom we will always refer to as “the Government”.

As per command and mandate by the people, Servants of the people alike, ATM has responded to the call of sending Servants to the National Assembly in order to influence the policies as drafted by the people, to also drive the mandate forth. 

We are sending the following Servants to the National Assembly:

  1. President Vuyolwethu Zungula
  2. Thandiswa Marawu

We have complete faith in the incoming Servant Members of Parliament that they will be instrumental in the restoration of South Africa through the advancement of key values that make for a conducive society:

(a) Peace;

(b) Ubuntu;

(c) Transformation (African);

(d) Servant Leadership; and

(e) Accountability.

Additionally, the mandate we received set to send two (2) Servants to the Provincial Legislature and we are proud to announce that the Servants we have chosen are:

  1. Veliswa Mvenya – Eastern Cape
  2. Mxolisi Phakathi – KwaZulu-Natal

In the past months, we encountered a lot of challenges that aimed to end our very existence and many stakeholders were instrumental in the perpetuation of all these plots and schemes. We went from being Former President Zuma’s allies to facing plots that aimed to deregister us – all such were cheap politics which we WILL purify through the candidates we will be sending to Parliament as representation.

Responsible politicking is what we stand for and certainly what we will be taking forth as our #Transformation2021 strategy in ensuring that we reach all communities, wards, branches, regions, provinces and ensure that the essence of being a responsible African is realised and honoured again.

Now, more than ever, we need Servant Leadership in midst instability in our country. From corruption cases, looting and scheming scandals that do not put the needs of the broader South African society first. Now more than ever, we need Accountability and to set mechanisms that will ensure that the people we deem to be the rightful government have an actual say in how THEIR country is governed.

If we had all such mechanisms, there would not be a need for:

1. “strategic post-election arrests” in the coastal part of South Africa yesterday morning; 

2. Service delivery strikes that end up with vandalism and looting, just a day after the elections; 

3. Communities drinking from a pond in Port St Johns;

4. The Zondo Commission which is costing taxpayers millions of rands unnecessarily;

5. The drop in voter turnout for the 2019 General Elections;

6. The shutdown of close to 76 voting stations in Limpopo, due to non-delivery by state officials

We will restore faith in Government and we will purify the current status quo, including the responsibility we all have towards ensuring that we are responsible citizens.  From the media to the state official entrusting with the duty of serving people – the people must always remain central! 

It would be expected for us to lash out at Sunday Times for a false article written on the eve of elections, just as it would be expected for us to contest the results of the 2019 General and Provincial Elections but we had to sit and reflect as an organisation on “what are we trying to achieve and what is in the best interest of South Africa”.  This alone was enough to map the course of direction.

The voice we attained will go a long way to assist us to transform South Africa and influence a responsible and values driven government that puts its people first. 

That is what we stand for.

In conclusion, our posture is Parliament and various legislatures is not to be oppositionist where you argue simply because the point was raised by another political party. Ours will be a progressive, constructive and collaborative approach in the interest of South African people not our narrow political interest.

ATM is the future; there is no better time to be in the future than now. ATM is available in all 9 provinces and is good and ready to contest the upcoming 2021 elections with a clear ambition of being the Servants of the people.

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