The standing of Mr. Pravin Gordhan

The ATM is learning with shock about the continuing revelations of the enormity of Mr Pravin Gordhan’s transgressions first made known in the May 24 release of the Public Protector’s Report. These offences date back to the era when Gordhan was Minister of Finance.

The Public Protector’s report admits of sound investigative procedure, including also Gordhan’s submissions and response, and third party witness testimony, in describing disturbing evidence which severely implicates Gordhan.

Still Gordhan is instituting immediate review proceedings against the Public Protector’s report and findings, including the proposed remedial action. But the recommendations remain binding and effective until successfully reviewed. The ATM implores President Ramaphosa to act in consideration of the facts contained in the report.

In the inviolable spirit of the clean governance dictum of President Ramaphosa’s new dawn for government and South Africa, Gordhan is implored to suspend his participation in all structures of government until his name is cleared.

South Africa can simply not afford to have elected and appointed individuals tainted by a grand authority such as the Public Protector.

The ATM will formally request the Speaker of Parliament to convene an urgent appropriate ad hoc committee to consider Gordhan’s fitness as a Member of Parliament.

The ATM calls on all South Africa and on the numerous organisations representing various interest groups to respect Chapter 9 Institutions in submission to the Constitution, and the Constitutional Court judgement in the Nkandla matter, and to exercise restraint, and to use appropriate authorities and platforms to air their grievances rather than through distasteful media spats.

Our hard-won democracy dares not be undermined by reckless media bias and prejudice, and traffic chasing clickbaiting and audience metrics.

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