DA City of Cape Town Metro Government failing its residents

The ATM is learning about the growing concern of the failure of DA governmental preparedness resulting in the collapse of the City of Cape Town MyCiTi commuter bus service on the Khayelitsha, Mitchells Plain and Cape Town CBD route. Some 220 000 commuters are stranded and severely inconvenienced. Many who can ill afford duplicate expense, even for a short time, are now forced to pay for alternative, less convenient transportation while they wait for instructions to have their monthly ticket purchases for June reimbursed.

This is a sad reminder of how an inconsiderate government can deprive, handicap, and prejudice the already disadvantaged.

The solution is a simple one, and the ATM urge the City of Cape Town to solve the problem without delay.

The attitude causing this unfortunate and preventable collapse rises up against every principle which is the making of the ATM: Peace; Ubuntu; Transformation; Servant Leadership, and Accountability.

The ATM must protest this depraved indifference by the DA Metro Government of the City of Cape Town, in full but unattended view of the DA Western Cape Provincial Government, in the very shadow of the party leadership in Parliament itself.

The ATM urges the DA City of Cape Town Government to redress this unacceptable situation expeditiously.

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