Fake news, alternative facts, lies…and damage

The ATM monitors with some alarm and some mirth the continued attempts by certain identified “journalists” to promote a narrative of some relationship between the ATM and the ANC, or functionaries of the parties engaged in politically inappropriate relationships.

Among various media stories mischievously linking the ATM to factional politicking in the ANC, Rapport today announces, quoting sources, that the ANC’s NEC had reprimanded its Secretary General, Ace Magashule, about his alleged links to “Mzwanele Manyi’s ATM”, and that the ANC must investigate the allegations. ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe is quoted, “We have said if there are things we must look at, the ATM or things that happened during the campaign, officials will do it.”

The ATM can elect to ignore rumour mongering and childish storytelling. But the ATM takes seriously its hard-fought birth as a young party ascending to parliamentary representation within a year of formation. And the ATM, in clear distinction to cheap stenography arrogating as journalism, respects voters as intelligent and concerned citizens deserving of factual news.

Therefore, the ATM warns against the wanton damage to our hard-won democracy by the reckless media bias and prejudice of foolhardy journalists at least tacitly supported by their media bosses to promote fake news in the vain pursuit of reader traffic by click baiting to manipulate self-serving audience metrics.

When there is information about the ATM to be had, the ATM will provide it.

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