President Zungula responds to the SONA

Honourable Speaker

Honourable President

People of South Africa, you deserve far better!

You deserve Servant Leadership

When you voted on the 8th of May, you were hoping that your own dreams would finally be realised.  You were hoping that the much vaunted “New Dawn” would indeed bring to life your aspirations, as articulated in the Freedom Charter. 

Instead, last Thursday, you were presented with a dream of an individual.  This dream did not represent a relief from your lived experiences of sharing water with animals. 

Kucacile ukuba uMongameli unilibele bantu base Xolobeni, bantu base Sekhukhune nase Mkhanyakude

All he dreams of now are what matters to the rich and affluent.  High speed trains and smart cities not even built by South Africans but the Chinese.

Last Thursday, we hoped the President would account on the 18 months since he occupied the highest office, instead, he pretended as if he is a new President.

He pretended as if he was not 2nd in command of the previous administration.

The true SONA should have been tabled as follows:

  • The 3.2% decline in GDP is the biggest quarterly contraction in 10 years;
  • All major sectors reported negative growth;
  • Despite Pro Business legislation, major companies like Naspers will be dual listing;
  • Unemployment rate, including discouraged work seekers is sitting at 38%
  • Businesses are shedding jobs AS WE SPEAK;
  • Your government continues to support big businesses whilst neglecting SMME’s who have proven to be job creators in the world;
  • The role of government is NOT to create jobs but to create an enabling environment for business to thrive and create jobs;
  • Mr. President, exempting SOC’s from the PFMA and PPPFA will make them even more agile and competitive;
  • Repealing PPPFA will enable more new entrants and boost the development of SMME’s;
  • Amending s25 to enable Expropriation Without Compensation will unlock more land to be used for public good; 57 murders a day is unacceptable. Uthuleleni Mongameli omama nabantwana bafa okwezinja, uthuleleni? At a rate 4 times higher than the global average we are similar to war torn countries such as Afghanistan. Employ reservists to boost capacity.  We need more action, less plans and summits!

In conclusion, a President that has zero tolerance for crime against himself personally, guarded by snipers and machine gun, but is willing to wait 10 years to halve violent crime against his citizens is a self-centred President who is NOT putting South Africa first.  Uthuleleni Mongameli, uthuleleni?

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