The African Transformation Movement (ATM) has learnt, with shock, the sad news of the horror accident that took place in Jozini, KwaZulu – Natal, leaving ten (10) people dead and thirty two (32) injured. 

ATM passes its sincerest condolences to all the affected families and hope that the injured victims will be given the necessary attention in nearby health care facilities. 

It is unfortunate that this horrific accident took place during a time where the health sector is under heavy strain from the coronavirus pandemic, and that reportedly because of the driver of the truck was allegedly intoxicated. 

We welcome the opening of a culpable homicide case against this driver, especially when the events that led to this fatal accident came shortly after the ban of alcohol was lifted in June 2020, since leaving 63 fatalities in KwaZulu – Natal only, and further contributing to the rising unnecessary number of trauma cases logged in hospitals. 

ATM calls for the ban on alcohol to be reinstated, until such a time that the health sector is not under strain, as it is clear that the lifting of the ban is not serving the greater good of the active fight we have against the coronavirus. We need all the beds we can get to treat, by priority, coronavirus patients, as compared to treating trauma patients who are admitted as a result of alcohol related activities. 

ATM condemns the irresponsible consumption of liquor by citizens, and encourages that the Premiers in all provinces join the cause that calls for the reinstatement of alcohol bans throughout the country, especially in provinces that do not have the capacity to tend to an influx of patients at once. 

Issued by the African Transformation Movement

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