The African Transformation Movement (ATM) celebrates the International Albinism Awareness Day, with the theme “made to shine”, honouring and recognising the outstanding ongoing contributions, successes and achievements made by persons with albinism in the society. 

As we celebrate this community with pride and unwavering support, ATM sends a stern warning to all those who infringe on the rights of persons with albinism, where they continue to be targets of syndicates that exchange their body parts for money. 

The act of infringing of on the rights of the marginalised groups such as persons with albinism, to a point of murdering them for monetary gain, should be regarded the highest form crime and be treated with equal punishment, hence in the 2019 National Government Elections manifesto, ATM stressed the introduction of a justice based capital punishment system for heinous crimes such the targeted murder of persons with albinism. 

In celebrating their success, we call for all communities to advance rehabilitative programs that will eradicate the continued bullying, marginalisation and targeting of people with albinism. With these rehabilitative programs such as active talks, sporting codes, and certain indigenous games, the upcoming generation will be taught coexistence and the celebration of diversity within communities. 

As ATM, we stand together with people with albinism all over the world in their fight to live a life that is free of stigma, discrimination, fear and violence and actively celebrate the many positive contributions they made in the altering of the status quo of this country in politics, governance, the civil society, economics, and many sectors of trade. 

We join hands with all organisations all over the world, in saying you are made “made to shine”. 

Issued by the African Transformation Movement.

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