The African Transformation Movement (ATM) notes the judgment by the North Gauteng High Court which ordered Minister Zulu to include asylum seekers in the R350 grant to alleviate the strife brought about by lockdown. 

Whilst the judgment is humane, ATM is apprehensive about the full implications of this judgment. 

ATM is puzzled that the asylum seekers have successfully argued that their industries are affected by the lockdown. Surely asylum seekers should not be competing for employment with locals in any economic space of trade. 

It cannot be fair and just for South Africans to be roaming the streets whilst low level jobs in the hospitality and tourism industries are taken up by intentional immigrants. As a result, ATM is concerned that intentional migration has been confused and conflated with asylum seekers. 

The Government of South Africa is called upon to implement immigration policies that do not undermine the provisions of the United Nation Conventions. 

The Department of Home Affairs must advise Minister Zulu on how immigrants are categorised so that the fiscus of South Africa is not used for cases which the UN funding is providing for. 

Furthermore, South Africa must consider aligning with UN Conventions and establish refugee camps so that asylum seekers can be cared for appropriately instead of the current approach of integrating refugees with communities. 

The refugees status must be given in accordance to UN regulations. 

It must be pointed out that when refugees are provided with benefits that they qualify for, in terms of UN Conventions, it causes friction with communities who feel crowded out by foreigners. Refugee camps are the best way to create peace and understanding. 

South Africa is already struggling to deal with its own citizenry where the number of R350 grant applicants far exceeds the available funds. 

It cannot be that the UN funding is not utilised for its primary purpose, if not, then the government must explain how this funding has been deployed. 

The Minister of Social Development is advised to separate asylum seekers from intentional immigrants, and implement the court order using the UN funds for genuine asylum seekers. 

South Africans must come first in the fiscus of South Africa. 

Issued by the African Transformation Movement.

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