The African Transformation Movement (ATM) has been following, with disbelief, the arrogance and brinkmanship of the Israel Government in its renewed tirade against the Palestinian people. 

The plan to annex the land belonging to Palestine is really no different to the 1884/5 Berlin conference shenanigan where Africa was annexed into colonies for various super powers. 

This Israel project has brought back sad memories of how the British Imperialism decimated our own country, South Africa and turned the indigenous Africans into perpetual servants. 

Our forebears would never recognise the South Africa we live in where our heritage has been relegated into insignificant subcategories. 

The atrocities visited on South Africa and the entrenched impoverishment of the indigenous Africans should serve as a spine-chilling lesson that should never be repeated anywhere in the world. 

The same kind of assurances given by the Israel Government are no different to what the British Imperialists promised would prevail after their genocidal conquer of our country. 

ATM is calling for calm and peaceful resolution of the Israel/Palestinian conflict for we believe peace should be at the centre of how this dispute should be resolved. 

There can never be peace if the solution favours the one side and deliberately oppresses the other. 

Israel must be called upon to suspend its annexation plan and subject the entire process into international mediation. 

All countries of the world should assist in drawing up terms of reference that would be underpinned by peace. Both Palestine and Israel must submit proposals of what they are willing to compromise. 

In the absence of compromises from both sides the prospects of achieving a lasting and peaceful resolution will never be achieved. 

British Empire should also take this opportunity with both hands and seek an accord with the South African people to compensate us for their 1795 imperialistic invasion. 

Israel is called upon not to repeat and emulate what the British did in South Africa.

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