The party was established in 2018 by the South African Council of Messianic Churches in Christ (SACMCC) and was formally registered by the Independent Electoral Commission. This Council is faith based non-governmental and non-tribal body which represents the embassy of Messianic Churches as defined by Jesus Christ, in transforming and liberating the life of man on earth.

The African Transformation Movement (ATM) is a political party that is founded by the South African Council of Messianic Churches in Christ (SACMCC), as such, it follows the strict mandate of the collective members of the council and all decisions are passed through the council.  As per principle, research and best practice, this strategy seeks to directly support the delivery of the strategic aims and/or objectives of the Council, ultimately, the party.

The African Independent Churches (AIC’s) noted with concern that they are deliberately sidelined and not recognised by the government. This non-recognition is evident in relevant government programmes where mainly mainline Churches are used. Even during legislated government consultation sessions, most of the AIC’s are never consulted, meaning this huge membership of these AIC’s are paying tax to finance implementation of policies and decisions they were never consulted on. Some AIC’s then came together and established a faith based nongovernmental organisation (NGO) called the South African Council of Messianic Churches in Christ (SACMCC). Noting that most of the problems faced by the member Churches of the SACMCC that hinder them in spreading the Word of God are political in nature, a resolution was taken by the SACMCC to establish a political wing. To ensure effectiveness of this political wing it was further agreed that it should be developed into a fully-fledged political party that can contest elections if need arises. This therefore is what gave rise to the establishment of the African Transformation Movement (ATM) which is a South African political party registered with the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) in May 2018, mainly to transform South Africans to a better society that upholds and lives by the following values: