Build a society founded on Divine-based Values

After the dawn of democracy, we have witnessed diminishing active citizenship in affairs of the country. Religious organisations have been misused as voting pawns. Religious people have been made to believe their place is in the church and only to pray for the country, and that religion and politics do not mix. The ATM is bringing back active citizenship by transforming the minds of all South Africans that they have a role to play in contributing to the development of the country, regardless of creed or religion. Faith organisations should play a key role in shaping our people, to be good citizens of the country. They actively contribute to social cohesion and peace building in our society. The value system of self-control, gentleness, goodness, kindness, patience, peace, joy, love, faithfulness can only lead to South Africans co-existing well with one another. The character of the country is determined by the character of its people and as such, the country must have citizens who have strong value systems of respect, resilience, hard-working and above all, peace.

Promote Moral Regeneration

In the past decade or so, South Africa has deteriorated to a country that seems to find its solutions through violence and protesting. Dialogue between the state and the people has diminished completely. These are all symptoms of a leadership that is no longer devoted to serving its people with honour and integrity. Our stance as ATM is that this must stop. However, where do we begin to fill such a moral void? As ATM, we believe we need to go back to basics. To our African values of Ubuntu and unity and mean it with our actions and ways.

Put the people first and revive the values of Ubuntu in our leadership and the way they treat each other. We have forgotten our African value system and that is where the country needs to start to heal itself from the moral decay we are suffering with today. We need to revive the African way of doing things, and peace building. It is for this reason ATM was formed; to build a peaceful society that will lead with ethical and servant leadership. A peaceful country displays features of low crime rate, economic growth, zero tolerance on corruption and good health.

All these features attract high quality of life, positive foreign direct investment that also translates to higher employment rates, decreased poverty rate, low inequality rate and a prosperous nation. Such values ensure that all South Africans enjoy a high quality of life. A country is determined by the character of its people. The ATM aims to transform the value system of all who live in it so we have a culture of respect, tolerance, peace, compassion, honour, honesty, integrity and prudence. This is what will truly make South Africa a better country through how its citizens relate to each other and resolve challenges they face.

Root out all forms of Corruption

One of the arch aching issues facing our country is the scourge of corruption in the state and all its organs. At this point, our government is falling apart due to corruption. The ATM aims to root out all forms of corruption by acting decisively on perpetrators and minimise waste in government expenditure.

Ours is to empower our citizens with knowledge to ensure that moral behaviour and economic transformation is instilled in state governance so that those entrusted with power, uphold the highest standards of ethical behaviour, servant leadership and good governance.

Redress past and current Economic Imbalances

Our country is the most unequal society in the world, with the highest development gap between the rich and the poor. The ATM aims to transform the economy of the country by providing economic solutions (equitable land redistribution, employment opportunities, sound business environment and opportunities) to the disadvantaged groups; creating an economic environment where business thrives. We also plan to address the income distribution inequalities in our job sector.

For a democratic state like South Africa to prosper, the public office must perform at its peak at all times. At this point, we perform below par for an emerging economy like ours. We are supposed to be amongst the best performing economies in the global market. And for that reason we believe proper governance of our public institutions will add value to our economy. When all public institutions perform at optimum level, the economy is able to create business opportunities.

Equip our Youth with Education and Skills

Education should always go hand in hand with the opportunities and economy of the country. Produce the skills fit for the economy you are leading. One of the issues facing our education system is that it does not produce enough skills suited to provide quality job opportunities for our people. Because of this, ATM has taken it into its strides to join the existing conversation on free education and aide in finding a better path for our education system. This is to ensure there is a seamless development structure for every child from basic to higher education and eventually to the job sector and entrepreneurship, feeding to the economic market as a whole. We also focus on eliminating the quality gap that exists between the stateprovided basic education system and privately owned schools, which only serve the higher income group. The quality of education should be equal for all.

Transformation of Banking and Financial Services Sector

Although the country’s banking system is among the best in the world, it remains untransformed. Majority of our citizens are still stuck in debt. The interest rates charged to the low income households are significantly higher than those that are charged in the middle to high income households. It does not make sense to charge those who are already suffering financially, a higher interest rate and increase on their financial burdens. This makes them unable to own resources that improve their well-being and quality of life.

A State Bank is one of the tools that will economically transform the country through the state having a mechanism to fulfil its financial and economic obligations using a state owned institution. Our vision focuses on state affairs relating to budgeting, distribution of funds to various departments in order to curb wasteful expenditure. The bank will be a conduit of cash flows between the state and its organs with the intention to do so under stringent and efficient internal controls.

Involvement of Traditional Leadership

Our people are losing their pride in our old age traditions and customs; as such, our culture is slowly evaporating. In line with restoring the African way of doing things, there must be proper recognition of Traditional Leaders and they must be given a tangible role to help guide our citizens back to our core customs and values but applying them in our daily lives to shape our future and the modern state.

Traditional Leaders are the custodians of our rich heritage and customs. Our strength as Africans is our customs, traditions and cultures. Value must be given to the Traditional Leadership so that they can actively contribute to the shaping of the character of the country.